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Ambassador of Serbia: As soon as they reported about it, the stampede followed VIDEO The Ambassador of Serbia to Great Britain stated that many citizens of Serbia living in Great Britain have decided not to travel to Serbia for the holidays. Source: Beta, prva Tuesday, December 22, 2020 | 11:11 Tanjug/AP Photo/Rafiq Maqboo Aleksandra Joksimović told TV Prva that on Saturday night, when the news about the new strain of the coronavirus that is spreading in Great Britain was published, a stampede occurred towards the London train station. She stated that London and the belt towards Dover were the most affected by the new harsh measures. More than 40 countries have decided to suspend air traffic with Britain, and the British were most affected by the closure of the Calais crossing on the French side, which caused crowds and waiting for trucks with goods, Joksimović said. She stated that the reactions of the citizens of Britain are divided and that some believe that the measures are excessive, and others that they were introduced too late. The measures are aimed at lowering the number of infected people as soon as possible, and at the press conference, one of the British government's scientific advisers said that these measures would be tightened after Christmas and that they were expected to last several months, said Joksimovic. In London, all shops except food shops are closed, and extremely high fines, from 200 to 10.000 pounds, are imposed for non-compliance with the measures, which are imposed on locals who violate the measures or on citizens who organize private parties. Joksimović stated that the nervousness among the citizens is great, if it happens that someone approaches someone closer than two meters or if someone enters the store without a mask. turske serije